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How much return are your assets yielding?

Too much equity may expose you to undue risk, while being too conservative and investing only in, say, FDs can mean that you are not able to build the corpus that you need.One must also keep in mind the volatility risk of the asset class, liquidity, lock-in rules and taxation

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Sebi to firms: Can’t advise, distribute to same client

Sebi consultation paper proposes client segregation, new rules for financial advisers

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NRI whose income isn’t fully taxable can file Form 13 for nil or low TDS certificate

If the payee qualifies as an NRI during the relevant financial year, the payer is required to deduct TDS at a specified rate on the taxable income of the payee.It is advisable to document the gift through a gift deed. The taxability of receipt of gift in the US may need to be analyzed separately