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Top mutual fund schemes to invest in - Mint 30

  • Pick up 5-8 schemes to build a good portfolio
  • Use this list as a starting point and then spend time selecting your unique portfolio out of these

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Self-employed? Get a full health cover before buying a hospital cash policy

  • The product targets daily wage earners and freelancers but it may not cover all costs because the payout is small 
  • Like other hospital cash policies, Kamai Bachao Yojna makes the payout only at the end of the hospitalisation period and not on a daily basis

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Opinion | How will LTCG benefit work as per new laws

  • Budget 2019 increased the scope of LTCG exemption for acquisition of two houses
  •  The amendment does not permit acquisition of the two houses in the names of any person other than the taxpayer who has earned the capital gains